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We would like to welcome the 2nd Chance Animal Shelter to our Bully Family. 2nd Chance Animal Shelter is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization committed to saving abused, homeless animals and rehabilitating them for their forever home.


Hi it's me Mack, I am a 5 year old bulldog on a mission. My mission is Paying it Paw-Ward™ by helping bulldogs in need and the rescues that take them in. Yew see I fink no bully shoulb be hurt or hurt, go hungry, or be witout a home. I fink all shoulb hab wat I hab, a home, a lubing family and lots and lots of fwiends.


I guess my mission started the day I came to lib with my mom, I was 12 weeks old, it was lub at first sight. Mom set out on a mission to learn all she coulb learn bout bullies. Along the

Fanks for stopping by and no forget to check me out on FaceBook. Also member to pweaseee

OPT TO ADOPT and help gib a bully a new life.


 Lub yew

~ Mack



Raising funds for bulldog rescues


Raising awareness about bulldog adoption

BlossomRockyDonate Today and Save a Life

way she found Long Island Bulldog Rescue (LIBR), and a true friendship and lub for us bullies was formed. I got a brudder and a sissy from LIBR. Mom saw just how many bullies were given up, so many needed medical care and da all needed fureber homes, it made her so sad. I no wike to see my mom sad, so I set out on a mission to help raise awareness bout bully adoption and raise funds for bulldog rescue.


Yew might be finking wat can one little bully do, well let me tell you. Bullies can be stubborn and head strong, when I get somefing in my little bully head dars no stopping me. I wanted to help and that was what I was going to do. So I started my bery own FaceBook , wit moms help ob course. Having no posable thumbs makes it hard for a bully to type. I made lots ob friends, bully and human. We call it our FB bully family and boy when one of us neebs something we're all right there to help. With the Mack Supports Bulldog Rescue, I can reach more bullies and people. The more I reach, the more bullies and rescues I can help. So come on in and look around, shop my store, see what rescue and bully are featured this month , you can also read about upcoming events and announcements

Bulldogs that come in to Bulldog Rescue Organizations, often come with severe medical conditions that require extensive surgeries and/or lifelong medical attention. These bulldogs are able to get the help they need and deserve through the kindness of donations. If you would like to help our Bulldog Rescue Organizations, please donate today.


100% of all donations go towards the Bulldog Rescue Organizations featured on this site.

OK eberybully yewz can come and join our bully family on Facebook. Pweaseee stop by and say Hi. Fanks.


 Lub Mack


Raising funds for Bulldog Rescues


Raising awareness about Bulldog Adoption

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May Facebook Auction for LIBR


Where: Mack’s Facebook Page

Starts: May 13th 7pm

Ends: May 15th 7pm


If you would like to donate an item to the Auction, please contact Mack on his Facebook page or his online email form.